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KXWR Weekly Schedule

Monday Super Tuesday Wednesday Contest Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
KXWR Weekly Recap Informative News Featured Artist/Music Navajo Times Call In/Trivia Cheii’s Rockin Oldies KSJD KSJD
KSJD 12:00am Under Currents Under Currents Under Currents
KSJD 1:00am
KSJD 2:00am Democracy Now
KSJD 3:00am Under Currents
KSJD 4:00am
KSJD 5:00am Morning Addition
6:00am DC Song/Navajo Pledge of Allegiance (Traditional Hour) Weekend Addition Saturday Weekend Addition Sunday
7:00am Four Corners News
8:00am Regular Programming Cheii’s Rockin Oldies
9:00am Interview Hours The New Yorker Radio Hour
10:00am College Warrior Update (Seasonal -Navajo Music) Yorkshire Pudding Paradis Jazz Hour
11:00am Request Hour PRX Remix
12:00pm Lunch Hour/ Contest Line Siabhran Cow Trials
1:00pm DC Song/Navajo Pledge of Allegiance (Traditional Hour)
2:00pm Student Writing/Art Show Case (School of Arts, Humanities & English) Chris K’s Colorado Playlist
3:00pm Navajo Classes Public Speaking -Stories & Research (School of Diné Studies & Education) Democracy Now The Colorado Experience
3:30pm Library On the Go!
4:00pm Lab Research Results – (School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Left, Right and Center On the Media All Things Considered
5:00pm Psychology Research/Symposium (School of Business & Social Science) All Things Considered All Things Considered
KSJD 6:00pm Stardust & Sagebrush Cow Country Blues Doc’s Roadhouse Eclectic Hour High Desert Reggae The Blender Church of Rock
KSJD 7:00pm
KSJD 8:00pm Trail Mix All Over The Map Dog House Blues Radio Free Entropy My Rambler Trance Fusion
KSJD 9:00pm Latin Alternative Under Currents
KSJD 10:00pm Dead Air Under Currents Under Currents Stuck in the Psychedelic Era Under Currents
KSJD 11:00pm Under Currents Under Currents

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